Vegpower campaign – Eat more veg

With terrifying obesity levels on the rise in children, please get behind the campaign ‘Vegpower’. The aim is to simply encourage more vegetables in our daily diet. It couldn’t be easier and it couldn’t be more important to secure our children’s future health. Join the crowdfund today!

My top tips for increasing veg in your kids diet:

  1. Add frozen peas and sweetcorn to the pan, for the last few minutes of cooking pasta.
  2. Swap sweet potatoes for white potatoes and make sweet potato wedges. Serve with reduced sugar and salt ketchup.
  3. ‘Do-it-yourself’ station: kids love getting involved and making choices. Provide pizza bases or wraps and a variety of bowls with various ingredients (chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn, chopped cucumber; mashed avocado; sliced sugar-snap peas, hummus, beetroot, peppers). Kids can get stuck in and make their own!
  4. Appearance: try using a potato peeler to make ribbons of carrot, cucumber and courgette
  5. Make veg visible: have cucumber and cherry tomatoes alongside fresh fruit. Kids are more likely to grab and eat if it is on show.