Diabetes Week 2018: Focus on Type II Diabetes

It has been widely established that achieving a healthy weight is essential to either reducing the risk of getting Type II diabetes or to improving your health if you already have the disease. In a recent study of overweight and obese adults it was found that almost half of participants in an intervention group (very low-calorie diet using meal replacements and one-to-one support) versus control had their diabetes confirmed as ‘going into remission’. Whilst this is exciting news, it’s not an approach, at the moment, that’s for everyone. *

We all know that long-term weight loss is a challenge, so it’s often best to start with small changes that you can easily fit into your busy day:

One simple way to reduce weight is to increase your vegetable intake, replacing some of the other food on your plate with vegetables. At lunch and dinner try to fill half of your plate with a VARIETY of different coloured vegetables to get as wide a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as possible.

Vegetables don’t have to be boring: bring them alive by adding fresh/ frozen herbs, adding fresh lemon and lime juice, spices, roasted nuts and seeds. Your half plate of veggies can be a salad, stir-fry, steamed, roasted, ratatouille, baked mushrooms…the list is endless.

* Always seek advice from a registered healthcare practitioner before embarking upon any major dietary change.