5 Tips for getting your healthy eating back on track

With the best of intentions, it’s incredibly difficult to keep on track during the summer holidays especially if you’ve children at home, wanting to be entertained within an inch of their lives!

My top tips for getting back into a healthy routine:

  1. Take stock – don’t rush into anything drastic. Take some time to clear out cupboards and stock up on the essentials to form the basis of healthy meals.
  2. Get the basics back in place – 3 regular, healthy meals, 6-8 glasses water, healthy snacks if needed, meals based around plentiful, colourful veg with protein and a small portion of high fibre carb such as brown rice.
  3. Planning – take an hour at the weekend to plan the week ahead. Consider food for work and school, evening meals and healthy snacks, Write a shopping list and stick to it.
  4. Cook ahead and freeze – you could cook a large pot of a family favourite and then add different steamed veg, salads or stir-fry on the side. Try the DIY salad pot below!
  5. Slow cooker – drag out the slow cooker from hiding and put this on to cook first thing in the morning. Ingredients can be prepared in advance and refrigerated.