Food gives us life, But it shouldn't rule our life.

Having a healthy relationship with the food you eat maintains your physical and mental wellbeing and gives you the energy to get on with the wonderful business of living. Everything is balanced.

But an unhealthy relationship with food creates an imbalance which affects your entire being. It impacts on your physical health, energy levels, weight, moods, self-esteem and emotional health and stops you living the life you want. For many people, mental and emotional issues become so inextricably linked with food and eating that it dominates their lives and they can see no way to redress the balance.

You can take back control and bring balance into your life

Sarah West-Sadler

Eat right, FOR YOUR life

Eating what’s right for you is about more than meeting your body’s physical needs. The right diet needs to satisfy your tastes, lifestyle, budget, the rest of the family.

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable about what you eat. If the foods you consume or the way you eat bring any negative feelings into your life, if trying to control your food has led to food controlling your life, it’s time to make a change.

And with a little bit of help, it’s easier than you think.


Sarah West-Sadler

Registered Nutritional Therapist / BSc (Hons),MSc, mBANT, CNHC

I am Sarah and I understand I am many things.

To the outside world, I am a qualified nutritionist and an experienced practitioner with over 20 years in the food and nutrition industry. I am also mum to three happy, hormonal, noisy, complicated, do-my-head-in teenagers (twins Will & Sophie and their older brother Jack. Jack also happens to have Downs syndrome), a business owner, wife, daughter, volunteer and friend.

But more significantly, I am like you.

Food has sometimes been an issue in my life. Internally, I have had my own battles with body image and disordered eating. I have used food as an emotional crutch, a replacement, an excuse, a punishment. But I have won those battles and brought balance into my life and my eating.

And because I fully understand the complex feelings that can become wrapped up in food and eating, I can help you.


Working together, we’ll find small yet impactful, sustainable and life-improving changes to what you eat and how you eat.

Whether you want to make small changes that will increase your energy levels, lower your weight and improve your health, or you want to take back control of a seemingly impossible relationship  with food, we will find the right strategy for you.

Has that given food for thought?

If you want to ask any questions and find out more, please get in touch. No cost, no obligation, no judgement.

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